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The training course

The programme consists of a mixture of theoretical and practical elements, with the emphasis very much on ‘hands-on’ experience. The following subjects and more will be covered: product characteristics and uses, causes of decay, traditional repairs, Repair Care Working Methods, how to inspect the property and you will also receive marketing support & material. Supported with real life demonstrations and cases.

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“We will not only teach you how to work with Repair Care Products, we teach you a profession. Despite the years in the field, investment in knowledge is always a good investment.”

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“When I attended the training I had already worked in the field for a long time and with the products before. But now I have mastered the technique much better. Moreover, I can now properly inform my customers: if there is wood rot, I use my test piece from the training to demonstrate the effect of the product and my approach. This way I look so much more professional.”


– Romeo Hendriks

A trained contractor

Why Repair Care?

Repair Care has been providing training for 5.000 people since 1993

We are well known for our high quality products, but we do so much more. Annually, we train well over a thousand contractors across Europe and we also specialise in extensive project management. Together with a highly motivated team of professionals, we are continually developing sustainable innovations.

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*training must be booked by October 31st 2020  and training undertaken by February 28th 2021.