How-to video DRY FLEX® 1 2-in-1


  1. Remove all decayed wood and pre-treat with DRY FIX® 1 small.
  2. Dispense DRY FLEX® 1  2-in-1 on to the mixing plate with the EASY•Q dosing gun (with the tab in the forward position).
  3. Mix components A (red) and B (transparent) with the EASY●Q application knives until a homogeneous colour is reached.
  4. Spread the mixed DRY FLEX® 1 2-in-1 in a thin layer over the mixing plate (to extend the application period).
  5. Apply DRY FLEX® 1 2-in-1 and immediately remove excess product.
  6. When cured, sand the surface lightly before applying a paint or stain.