An urgently required renovation of well used steps in an apartment building


A set of well used steps in an apartment building created a risk of accidents for residents. A renovation was urgently required. But how?

The owner turned to our application engineer Mr. Daartz with this request.


The steps in the front area were very badly worn from years of use. The changed step heights created a stumbling hazard for the residents.

Here the changes and the wear and tear of the steps can be seen very clearly.

The attached front bar of the step has loosened over the years.  A groove with a depth and width of 10 mm was routed out. A depth of 5 mm is required to be able to carry out professional repairs with DRY FLEX®.

Sanding with the Festool RO 90 removed dirt and loose wood fibers from the stairs.

Application of the wood stabilizer DRY FIX®UNI to consolidate the substrate and optimize the adhesion of DRY FLEX®

After 20-45 minutes, the excess DRY FIX®UNI was dabbed off with a paper towel.

Repairing stairs

The routed-out areas are filled with DRY FLEX® and, after curing, sanded in preparation for the next step.

The surface was leveled with DRY FLEX®SF to even out the height difference. A depth of 0-6 mm was sufficient here.

The result: the surface is level again, so that the stairs can be used without danger. The resin used is permanently elastic and does not shrink.

After the repair, carpet was laid again on the leveled stairs.

If you have any questions about the repair of wooden stairs or other wooden construction elements, please contact our service team.