What is the Best Wood Filler?


There are many different types of wood filler that can be used for different purposes. When looking for the best type of wood filler, the benefits of each need to be weighed up.

What is Wood Filler?

Wood filler or wood grain filler is a compound that is usually made from a combination of materials such as epoxy, lacquer, clay, and polyurethane. It is used to repair damaged wood such as small dents, cracks and large splits.

Using a wood filler negates the need to replace structures with different materials, and so is a sustainable solution as well as a time-saving one.

Epoxy Resin

When picking the best epoxy for wood repair, durability, drying time, usage, size and price-to-quality ratio should all be considered. In our opinion, epoxy resin wood filler is the best type of wood filler when it comes to filling large damages to timber, both inside and outside.

Choose Repair Care for the finest quality, sustainable wood repair. Fix, fill and repair any wood or timber throughout your home internally and externally, leaving you with a long-lasting, professional standard finish.

Epoxy wood fillers are used to repair mainly wooden products, such as doors and windows, although they can be used for various other wooden structures that are susceptible to rot.

When it comes to choosing the best wood filler to use, epoxy wood fillers come in many different forms. Many of the Epoxy fillers still contain polyester, which leaves the repair brittle and susceptible to further failures due to rot etc further in the future.

However, the DRY FLEX® range of products from Repair Care is made with clean Epoxy, containing zero fillers. This makes for a sustainable and durable repair designed to last the test of time.

How to Use Wood Filler

To repair split wood (or wood that has large cracks) using wood filler, the following steps can be applied by a professional:

Step 1: Remove paint
Step 2: Remove all decay
Step 3: Measure moisture level (≤ 18%)
Step 4: Prime contact area with DRY FIX®
Step 5: Butter contact area with DRY FLEX® / BIO FLEX™
Step 6: Shape and finish repair
Step 7: Sand finished repair and apply paint

Epoxy wood fillers are fantastic materials for big projects and repair jobs. They are one of the best products for fixing rotting wood and wood that has been damaged over time. Epoxy fillers are also a great solution for restoring wood that would be too costly to replace or too challenging to remove.

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Repair Care stocks a wide range of wood filler products, including DRY FLEX®, BIO FLEX™ and DRY SEAL™. We put the environment at the heart of everything we do, including the products we make.

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