Change of Repair Care range


At Repair Care we are continuously engaged in research and product development. The feedback we receive from practice is valuable information.

It has been decided to slowly remove DRY FIX 1, 4 and 16 from the product range. The reason for this is that our range becomes simpler and clearer in this way. Another important reason is our focus on the environment. Because customers can now only use one DRY FIX for all our repair resins, less residual waste will be created.

This decision means that soon only DRY FIX UNI and DRY FIX UNI small will be available as a primer. Therefore, our R&D department has been working hard to improve this product. With great success: the renewed DRY FIX UNI has a more stable mixing control system. The renewed DRY FIX UNI has been available since July 1.

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