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Britain is a nation rich in heritage. Each city and village boasts buildings depicting the past. However, preserving and maintaining this rich heritage can be a difficult and costly task. With stringent conservation laws to adhere to, there can be much debate about replacing or repairing.

Historic England, the public body that protects English historical places, loudly advocates repair:

“Historic timber windows were usually made of very durable timber seldom found nowadays and therefore with careful maintenance can last indefinitely.”  Historic England

But it still leaves many questions over the cost, the timeframe, and what products to use that will truly preserve the history our ancient buildings


Problems and Solutions

One man that faced these dilemmas and found an affordable and long-lasting solution is Simon Tubb.

Simon Tubb is a self-taught tradesman. Having lived in the medieval city of Salisbury since the age of 4, Simon is no stranger to preserving history. Starting off as a young man renovating Salisbury’s shop fronts, he went on to found Simon Tubb Decorators LTD. in 1981. A solidly run company, Simon has created a strong team of 3 skilled tradesmen. With over 40 years in the industry, he is always keen to provide the most effective service to his customers.


“I like to work smart and use the best products to give my customers the best results”

Simon Tubb, Simon Tubb Decorators Ltd.


After many years of using two-pack fillers to repair rotten timbers, Simon was discouraged. A decline in carpenters made logistics difficult. Coupled with the lack of longevity in timber repairs. Frequently finding cracks in the window joints months or years later and moisture seeping into window timbers once more. It proved time-consuming and costly. Less than replacing a sash window? Yes, but not efficient or effective in the long run. Simon states he was:

Chasing my tail. I would spend days searching for a carpenter. Trying to organise the logistics caused delays in the project, wasting time and adding to the overall cost. Then to return months later for the next paint cycle to do it all again it was disheartening.”

Sensing a change was needed, Simon reached for Repair Care. Impressed by this revolutionary resin, he trained to become an Advanced Contractor.


The Upper Woodford Farm House Project.

Simon Tubb’s skills were put to the test on a recent project in the historic civil parish of Woodford Valley, Wiltshire.  The undertaking was to repair a property dating back to 1839, the Upper Woodford Farm House.


“The woodwork was in disrepair, neglected and rotten. The customer thought the pool house was unrecoverable” Simon Tubb


Simon Tubb Decorators

Simon and his team began the major repair of all the woodwork on this bygone property with Repair Care by his side.

The team began by sanding to expose the bare timber. This allowed them to identify areas of rot. After an extensive assessment, Simon and his team removed the rot, replacing it with Repair Care’s resins, Dry Flex 1™ and Dry Flex 4™.  Simon had the opportunity to use techniques taught at Repair Care’s Advanced Contractors training course. He reconstructed sash windows and used techniques that shaped the resin to copy timber profiles, resulting in a professional finish.

Using Dry Flex 1™ and Dry Flex 4™ Simon Tubb Decorators, completed internal and external repairs on the main house, the outbuildings, the barn conversion, and to everyone’s amazement, they restored the pool house to its former glory.

Resin Filler Wood Timber

“It’s a more superior product than two pack fillers, and efficient. You can do a repair in one go.” Simon Tubb


Future Preservation

Repair Care products have been a vital part of Simon’s tool kit for over 6 years. In that time, he has discovered its versatile uses; from preservation repairs to creating decorative patterns due to the resin’s ability to be shaped. Simon has also revisited previous repairs and has been astonished at how they have lasted.


“The resin is so versatile. It can be used on wood, metal, and brickwork. I believe Repair Care, when used correctly, prevents future major rot problems.” Simon Tubb


Although a cost for replacement was not sought on the Upper Woodford Farm project, Simon does not doubt that money was saved, believing other contractors would have condemned the property and called for replacements. He recalls a similar project where his clients saved almost 60% by using Repair Care to restore bi-folding doors rather than replace them.

Timber Resin Wood Filler

Following the success of the Upper Woodford Farm house’s restoration, Simon and his team have had further projects booked in the area. To keep up with demand his other team members are commencing their Repair Care training programmes.

When it comes to repairing and preserving Britain’s heritage Repair Care seems to hit the spot. Simon and his team are sold, as are his customers.


“Repair Care resins are a sustainable option. They are an investment in preserving history, with the benefit of saving time and money in the long run. Quality speaks for itself.” Simon Tubb.

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