Repair Care: Covid update


At Repair Care, we are aware of how testing the past year has been. From working at home to not working at all, juggling home-schooling to bread baking obsessions. It has been a trying time. Although we are not out of the woods yet, the Repair Care team has been working hard, ensuring that our products, training programmes, and expertise are available for you in the safest possible way.

Web Shop

At Repair Care, we value each member of our team. To ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees we have encouraged working from home. Where this is not possible, we have reconfigured our work areas to comply with the governmental guidelines. Ensuring minimal contact, social distancing, and the safety of our staff and the public, actively reducing the spread of Covid-19.

We are delighted to reinforce our workforce with the recruitment of a full-time sales administrator. This post will be filled, by May 2021.

Our web shop remains open and ready for all your Easy Q tools and accessory needs. Our resins and Easy Q range are available from our distribution partners, allowing you to tackle jobs big and small.

Repair Care Training – Contractor Courses.

At Repair Care, we are passionate about education, sharing knowledge and skills, making timber restoration and repair; affordable and sustainable.

We are excited to continue to provide our popular training courses. Each course has been assessed and adapted to provide social distancing, keeping you and our employees safe and healthy.

Whether you’re aiming to become a trained contractor, advance your existing skills, or simply refreshing and updating your techniques, we have the course for you. Available from two sites, our Training Centre at Tamworth, and from April/May, The Dulux Academy in Slough. Each Training course is limited to 4 spaces to ensure the health and safety of each participant and trainer.


Specification Services.

At Repair Care we are fully aware of the pressures put upon the construction industry at this time. We continue to support our certified contractors and are happy to offer our Specification Services. These services are offered following the government guidelines as we are committed to reducing the spread of Covid-19.

Whatever job you need tackling, you will find an extensive list of our contractors on our website. Each Contractor, with our recommendation, has been extensively trained to provide a high standard of workmanship.

By choosing to repair and restore timber using our resins, we are reducing the amount of plastic produced. Using Repair Care not only sustains our environment but sustains each other, investing in the construction industry and our future.