Repair Care Resin Systems vs Two-Pack fillers

Epoxy wood filler

In today’s climate, the call to repair, recycle and reuse is often ringing in our ears. We all want to do our best for the environment, our customers, future generations, and preserve structures of times gone by. But in the daily life of construction and DIY, where it is out with the old and in with the new, how do we repair affordably and responsibly?

We believe it is by making the right choices.

You have a timber window frame showing signs of wear and tear, rot in the corner, wood crumbling before your eyes. The cost of replacing it is out of the question. You want to preserve what remains, lessening what goes into the landfill and reducing the demand for UPVC items, so repair it is. Standing in the aisle surrounded by options, tins, tubs, and packages the choice is overwhelming. Do you go for the standard two-pack filler or try something else?

Resin Wood Filler System

We believe we have the answer. Something affordable, sustainable, and works for the long term, not just a quick fix, Repair Care’s Resin wood filler systems. Repair Care is a company that fixes corners rather than cutting them. We are invested in creating durable, reliable products that are straightforward to use. Repair Care has a vast range to choose from to achieve longevity from your timber.

Two Pack Filler – The Wrong Choice

Take your window frame, for example, that needs more than a little TLC. You use the generic two-pack filler, after all, it has been around for years and is cheap as chips. Prep work completed layer after layer after layer is applied. Time spent waiting for each fill to dry, trying to sculpt and sand it into a favourable shape, hoping it has stuck securely in place. A short time goes by a few months, maybe even weeks and the cracks appear.

Timber is a natural substance that uniquely adapts to its environment, expanding and shrinking, with moisture and temperature changes. Two-pack fillers are rigid polyesters that dry to leave a brittle, often shrunken material. When used in timber repair, the end result often fails with moisture seeping in between the newly made cracks. Time, money, and effort are wasted, and the job needs to be repeated again and again, and again.

Resin Wood Filler – The Right Choice

Now, if you had taken the chance of trying Repair Care’s Dry Flex you would have a different outcome and one that is guaranteed for 10 years. Repair Care’s Resin wood filler systems, are designed to adapt to the natural seasons throughout the year and flex with the timber. The resin is an elastic-like substance with powerful adhesive properties, staying in place as the timber expands and contracts. This flexible product is easy to mould and does not need to be applied in tedious layers, saving you time and stress trying to get the perfect finish. Not only does it optimise your time, using Repair Care’s Resin wood filler systems almost halves the labour cost on a larger job, saving you money, an estimated 14% saving in comparison to the standard two-pack filler. Repair Care is the way to repair affordably, using a sustainable choice, for a responsible fix.

With the range of resin wood filler systems from Repair Care, you can find the right option to repair, whether it’s for prevention, restoration or damage repair. But to ensure you make the right choice for the job we offer in-depth training courses. From selecting the correct product to mastering the skills and tricks to ensure great results every time, Repair Care’s Training courses cover it all and more. Your employees can further their training by becoming Advanced Contractors gaining practical skills and valuable knowledge to take your company further.

Wood Repair – The Answer

By choosing to repair instead of replacing, you are already on the way to providing a responsible attitude to construction. Repairing reduces the impact on the environment, preserves a piece of history, or fixes a niggling problem. Making the choice to use Repair Care’s Resin Systems promotes sustainability, saves you time and money, plus gives you the security of a 10-year guarantee.

That may be the wisest choice you ever make. Shop our range of wood repair products now or get in touch for further information and details.