The fastest biobased wood repairing resin at lower temperatures.

Ideal for permanent repair of wood rot and damage in colder weather (<10ºC). Easy to process and very smooth to model. Contains 35% biobased raw materials and is “OK biobased” certified by TÜV Austria (1 star).

Suitable for:

  • Permanent repair of damaged and rotten wood from, among other things, window frames, doors, stairs and furniture.
  • Bonding and filling of cracks, joints, nests and (open) connections.
  • The renovation, restoration and modeling of wooden structures and profiles.
  • Application inside and outside.


  • Easy and pleasant to process.
  • Short drying time: can be sanded and painted over at 15ºC after 15 hours! *
  • Contains 35% biobased raw materials (“OK biobased” certified).
  • Permanent repairs: permanent recovery (no temporary solution).
  • The repair resin behaves like wood: the product can be re-worked and painted in the same way and moves with the wood.
  • Meets the requirements of KOMO.

* This is an indication for a repair with a layer thickness of 1 cm at 10ºC. The curing can deviate due to, among other things, fluctuations in temperature, layer thickness and humidity.


Processing temperature

Repair thickness


Ready for sanding and painting

Mixing control system

Pre-treat with

Application period after mixing


Shelf life

  1. Pre-treat bare wood with DRY FIX® UNI.
  2. Dispense BIO FLEX™ COOL on a mixing tray using the EASY•Q™ dosing gun with the slider to the rear.
  3. Mix components A (blue) and B (transparent) with an EASY•Q™ stainless steel or plastic modeling knife until the color is even.
  4. Spread the mixed BIO FLEX™ COOL in a thin layer over the mixing plate.
  5. Apply BIO FLEX™ COOL and remove excess product immediately.
  6. Lightly sand the treated surface before applying a coat of paint.

Product sheet BIO FLEX™ COOL.pdf
Safety sheet BIO FLEX™ COOL – Component A.pdf
Safety sheet BIO FLEX™ COOL – Component B.pdf

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