DRY FIX® 4 (Small)

Elastic wood stabiliser for DRY FLEX 4 (2-in-1).

  • Ensures maximum bonding of the repair compound (DRY FLEX® 4 (2-in-1)) to the substrate.
  • Low viscosity and solvent-free to penetrate quickly and deeply into the wood.
  • Strengthens the fibres of the wood.
  • Easy to apply with a brush.


Processing temperature


Penetration time

Shelf life

DRY FIX® 4 – Component A
DRY FIX® 4 – Component B

  1. Shake component A (orange) well before use.
  2. Pour component A (use the calibrations on the side of the bottle) into a clean EASY●Q™ mixing cup.
  3. Pour component B (use the calibrations on the side of the bottle) into the same mixing cup.
  4. Stir with the EASY●Q™ spatula. Apply DRY FIX® 4 (small) with a brush to all contact surfaces.
  5. Allow the product at least 20 minutes to penetrate.
  6. Remove all excess product which hasn’t penetrated into the wood with absorbent paper.
  7. Apply DRY FLEX® 4 (2-in-1) within 8 hours to the pre-treated wood (whilst the DRY FIX® 4 (small) is still tacky).

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