Universal wood stabiliser for all DRY FLEX® repair products.

  • Ensures maximum adhesion between any DRY FLEX® repair product and the substrate
  • Repairs with any DRY FLEX® can be completed up to 24 hours after
    application of DRY FIX® UNI
  • Low viscosity an solvent free to penetrate quickly and deeply into the wood
  • Easy to apply with a brush
  • Extra long processing time of 1 hour
  • Simple and clean dosing and sealing
  • Also applicable to materials other than wood, such as masonry, plaster, concrete, metal.


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  1. Shake component A (transparent) well before use.
  2. Pour component A (use the calibrations on the side of the bottle) into a clean EASY®Q™ mixing cup.
  3. Pour component B (use the calibrations on the side of the bottle) into the same mixing cup.
  4. Stir with the EASY®Q™ spatula. Apply DRY FIX® UNI with a brush to all contact surfaces.
  5. Allow the product a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 45 minutes to penetrate.
  6. Remove all excess product which hasn’t penetrated into the wood with absorbent paper.
  7. Apply DRY FLEX® or BIO FLEXwithin 24 hours to the pre-treated wood (whilst the DRY FIX® UNI is still tacky).

Safety Data Sheet DRY FIX® UNI Component A
Safety Data Sheet DRY FIX®UNI Component B

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