Promotional Starter Kit (includes FREE EASY•Q™ PROFESSIONAL DISPENSING GUN)

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The PROMOTIONAL Repair Care Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started with small to medium durable repairs in a handy 2-in-1 cartridge format, as well as providing you with a selection of EASY•Q™ tools, now with a FREE EASY•Q™ Professional Dispensing Gun for a limited time only. Included in this kit is the DRY FIX® Universal Primer, the DRY FLEX® Super Finish for repairs of 0-6mm, the DRY FLEX® 4 for repairs of 5-20mm (10-35°C) or 5-50mm (0-10°C), and the DRY SEAL™ Multi-purpose Putty for glazing and caulking. In addition to this, a selection of EASY•Q™ tools such as the DRY SEAL™ Sealant Applicator, DRY SEAL™ Sealant Knife, EASY•Q™ Mixing Plate, and many more.

Below you will find the full list of items included in the Starter Kit:
• DRY FLEX® 4 2-in-1 150ml
• DRY FLEX® Super Finish 2-in-1 150ml
• DRY FIX® UNI Small
• EASY•Q™ Professional Dispensing Gun
• DRY SEAL™ Multi-purpose Putty White 290ml
• DRY SEAL™ Sealant Applicator
• DRY SEAL™ Sealant Knife
• 4 EASY•Q™ Disposable Nitrile gloves.
• EASY•Q™ Plastic Application Knives (pack of 4).
• EASY•Q™ Mixing Plate
• EASY•Q™ MIX & FIX™ 2 cups & sticks and 3 brushes.

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