Specialist Pack

£ 621.60 (excl. VAT)

A recommended set of tools and accessories for the professional repair specialist.


Repair Care Box 5
Repair Care Mini- PROFI™ 110 or 240 volts.
2 round economy cutters.
EASY•Q™ Wood Condition Meter.
EASY•Q™ Heavy Duty Metal Dosing Gun.
Set of 4 EASY•Q™ Metal Application Knives.
EASY•Q™ MIX & FIX™ 12 cups and sticks.
12 disposable brushes.
EASY•Q™ Mixing Plate.
Repair Care scraper.
Set of 5 Perspex strips.
Box of 50 EASY•Q™ Disposable Nitrile gloves.
EASY•Q™ Professional Dispensing Gun.
EASY•Q™ applicator for DRY SEAL™ MP.

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