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This beautiful window has certainly seen better days, it’s a more modern reproduction made c1960s and compared to the other windows in the house the wood is not to the quality of the much older windows. Nevertheless it’s still important to preserve this wood where possible and you’ll see in following photos that using the resin means much more of the original wood has been saved.

Rot and decay has been removed from the sill and frame and Dry Flex 4 has been applied.

First job is to assess what repairs will be necessary and strip out all the rotten wood and decay. It was clear from the start this window would need to have the sashes removed as bottom right corners on both were very badly damaged. Repairs to the sill and cheeks were carried out first using Repair Care Dry Flex 4, and the sashes removed to take back to the workshop.

Once the resin has cured everything is sanded back and blended in with the old wood and undercoated.

The beauty of the Repair Care System is each resin has been specially designed to work with the wood, flexing and moving, unlike traditional fillers that crack and drop out after a short period.

Bad patch of decay on the top sash, will require large rebuild.

On both sashes the bottom right corners were in a bad state, due to the way the house faces this side gets the worst winter weather and very little sunshine. On inspection of further windows on this side of the house all have damage in the same places.

Glass removed and timber all stripped back to good wood ready to be primed with Dry Flex.

Once the damage is all stripped back and all that is left is good solid wood the rebuild can begin. The glass has safely been removed, cleaned and stored ready to refit once the repair has been completed. To complete this repair I used a combination of free hand and shuttering to get the correct shape.

Missing section rebuild with Dry Flex 16 resin and ready to sand and finish.

The main corner has been rebuilt with a slower curing resin the maximize the strength and durability of the repair. Once cured all is sanded down and blended with the old wood to create a seamless repair.

Sanded and blended ready for glazing.

Old glass is then refitted using Dry Seal MP flexible putty replacement that will not crack and fall out like putty, but still gives those lovely putty lines around the pane of glass.

Glass fitted and ready for all the final touches.

A few remedial repairs were carried on it on the bottom sash to replace the rotten wood and give back a nice sharpe line.

Looking tip top again with having to replace the whole section of wood.

Both sashes for this window were then painted inside and out with Dulux Trade paints ready to be reinstalled into the frame.

Reinstallation for this window including fully discreet draft proofing, new sash cords and weights rebalanced so the both top and bottom sashes open fully and smoothly. When closed there’s no draft or rattle of the sashes and the window looks goods as new, with a repair that should last now for the rest of the windows life.

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