Repair Care DRY SEAL™ MP


New Slim Double Glazing 

The development of new, slimmer double glazing units and even thinner ‘vacuum’ glass now means that older traditional wooden windows can now be ‘retro fitted’ with new highly efficient double glazing, without altering their appearance.  This especially good news for properties in conservation areas.When done in conjunction with sash mounted draught proofing this can lead to significant energy savings – and an end to the misery of old, cold, hard to heat houses.

New glazing needs appropriate glazing sealants.  

Traditional linseed putty is notoriously slow to dry, delaying painting by weeks, and, on exposed elevations can shrink back from the glass allowing water penetration.
Acrylic and silicone sealants usually cannot be painted.  Their traditional formulation can cause break down of the taped edges around sealed units leading to unsightly oily staining and reduced thermal effectiveness  


Can be used with all types of edge sealed double glazing units, laminated and coated glass
Quick and easy to apply
Ideal for both bedding and face glazing
Long term flexibility
Can be painted after two hours
Available in white and brown
Modified silane terminated polymer

DRY SEAL™ Application Techniques

As with all glazing sealants a quality finish comes with practice, and using the correct technique.