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Deciding on the correct approach is crucial in providing sound and sustainable building maintenance. The Repair Care approach is to be involved in the early stages of a project by undertaking a general appraisal of the current condition of the timber substrates. We can also advise at this stage on other possible energy saving measures.

An accurate joinery survey before planned maintenance can lead to large savings. Rather than widespread replacement of windows, it is often better and cheaper to repair in situ.

The Joinery Inspection Service assesses the current condition of all the joinery and makes recommendations on the repairs and preventative maintenance measures needed. This will make it easier to compare the costs with alternative options.

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Maintenance Options

After a full inspection, a clear program of planned maintenance can be decided, identifying the immediate remedial steps required. By prioritising different areas of refurbishment, the return on the investment can be realised more quickly.

The quality of joinery repairs depends on the skill and knowledge of the contractor. Repair Care provides intensive training courses for contractors and has built up a nationwide database of qualified recommended contractors for all sizes and types of projects.

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Contractor Selection

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Project Management

Our experience proves that with greater involvement in practical project management, you can expect a higher standard of application and longer-term, superior performance from Repair Care products.

Our nationwide team of specialist technical advisors can visit your site to monitor the project progress and assess the quality of the application.

Upon completion of the project a comprehensive 10-year guarantee can be issued for total reassurance. Details of the technical specification and the maintenance plan for the duration of the guarantee will be recorded by Repair Care.

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Project Monitoring

Throughout the life of the repaired joinery, Repair Care can monitor the performance closely with periodic checks on the stability and quality of the repairs. If necessary a full quality audit can be carried out including the partial removal and microscopic examination of products.

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