Assuring the Highest Application Standards

Project Monitoring on Site

At the request of contractors or clients, Repair Care can visit a project and complete a detailed assessment. This is a hands-on evaluation, by our specialist technical advisors, focusing on the quality of the application.

On-site assessment

During the appraisal, we will check all aspects of the application; Is the preparation correct? Has the existing paint system been removed? Has the correct product been used? Are recommended health and safety precautions being taken? We even check that the contractor has a current training certificate as proof of their competence. A full report will be produced, including remedial action and further recommendations.

Expert opinion

“We are Chartered Surveyors who have been overseeing Cyclical Maintenance projects on a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 30 years. We specify the Repair Care system regularly because it offers a very cost effective solution to problems caused by soft and decayed joinery. Effective repairs using the Repair Care system can be carried out at a fraction of the cost of wholesale replacement, and cause far less disruption to the building occupants. We find that Conservation Joints in particular make a huge contribution to reducing future maintenance costs and with Listed buildings this type of resin repair is often the only viable answer to retaining the original, historic joinery components.”

– Peter Bensted BSc MRICS
Fenton Associates

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