How to specify the Repair Care system

The Repair Care Working Methods give both preventative and curative protection to all joinery. Whether it is the sympathetic repair of a listed building where we can ensure that all the existing timber that can be saved is retained, or possibly the use of DRY FLEX® resin with a timber splice to repair a badly decayed window frame, there is a specification suitable for the job. Please refer to our Excel spreadsheet, which includes the Working Methods, or call us for more details.

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Voordeel 2

Voordeel 3

Calculating project costs

For specifiers and contractors, our Excel spreadsheet is an invaluable guide to estimating costs and producing specifications and quotations. As individual projects will vary you should only use it as a guide. Alternatively, for accurate project cost calculations, use our Joinery Inspection Service for complete peace of mind.
You can download a copy of the Working Methods here.

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