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Head Office

Unit 19, Darwell Park, Mica Close
Amington, Tamworth
Staffordshire, B77 4DR


The UK Team

  • Matt Williamson
    Matt Williamson General Manager
  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez Warehouse Co-ordinator
  • Craig Perks
    Craig Perks Commercial Account Manager - London
  • Gary Simmonds National Training & Inspections Manager
  • Lavanya Asirvatham
    Lavanya Asirvatham Marketing & Communications Specialist
  • Norman Beck National Specification Manager
  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Commercial Account Manager - North & Midlands
  • Roxy Stokes
    Roxy Stokes Sales & Accounts
  • Steve Darnell
    Steve Darnell Commercial Account Manager - London

Other locations

Repair Care International B.V. Nederland
Repair Care International B.V.
Cartografenweg 34
5141 MT Waalwijk
Postbus 273
5140 AG Waalwijk
The Netherlands

(+31) 0416 65 00 95
(+31) 0416 65 20 24
Telefoon verkoop binnendienst:
(+31) 0416 34 72 29

Repair Care International GmbH Germany
Scharnweberstraße 100
13405 Berlin-Reinickendorf
Repair Care SL Spain
C/ Virgen del Carmen 33 bajo
20012 – Donostia – San Sebastian
Repair Care New Zealand
c/o Spencer Solutions Ltd
PO Box 310164 Red Beach, Auckland
New Zealand