The 7 steps working method

Repair Care stands for total solutions in sustainable wood repair and maintenance. and is the market leader for supplying flexible epoxy resins for sustainable repairs. Supplying quality products alone is not sufficient to be able to carry out sustainable wood restoration, long term results are dependent on how a repair is carried out. To give you a complete overview of what you need when carrying out a sustainable repair, you will find below the 7 steps to durable wood repair and the 7 steps to durable watertight seal.

To learn in a more comprehensive manner about Repair Care recommended working methods, it is recommended to attend a Repair Care training course, where attendees are able to use the products in a hands on session, and learn the theory behind preventative measures to stop wood rot from occurring.

The 7 steps to durable wood repair

What do you need to perform a durable wood repair? Below are not only the 7 steps to sustainable maintenance, but also the materials and tools you need as a professional for each step. This way you can serve your customers even better!

The 7 steps to durable wood repair

The 7 steps to durable watertight seal

Through the web page we would like to introduce you to the DRY SEAL™ MP from Repair Care. DRY SEAL™ MP is ideal for permanently replacing putty in wooden and steel window frames. You can also use it to fill seams, gaps and nail and screw holes.

Would you like to get started with DRY SEAL™ MP? Then simply follow the steps described below!

The 7 steps to durable watertight seal by Repair Care

How to Use Our Wood Fillers Around Your Property

Wood is a timeless material known for its natural beauty and durability. However, even the finest wood can experience wear, tear, or imperfections over time.

That’s where our wood filler comes in—a versatile and indispensable tool that allows craftsmen and contractors to restore, repair, and rejuvenate wood to its original beauty.

We’ve provided comprehensive guides on how to make the most of our wood filler products. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your woodworking journey, these guides gives you valuable insights, tips, and techniques.

From choosing the right wood filler for specific applications to mastering advanced woodworking and repair projects, we’re here to help you achieve flawless results and create enduring woodwork that stands the test of time.