Stronger together – new Repair Care slogan

Repair Care - Stronger together

Total Joinery Repair Solutions’, these are words that have long suited both Repair Care’s products and services, each of which are stronger when followed by the other. As our products, approach and strategy has changed over the years, so has our cooperation with our clients, stakeholders, and customers.

We are happy to announce, going forward you will now see ‘Stronger Together’ as the official slogan in our communication. Not only because wood and our repair products form an incredibly strong bond, but because working together with you as professionals, we see it confirmed time and again; together we are stronger!

There’s no need for us to provide further information regarding the durability of wood repairs using Repair Care resin wood fillers. It is common knowledge that our products stand for a high-quality repair that makes wood last longer, saving on wood use, CO2 emissions, and costly repair time. We pride ourselves on strong repair work with an eye for people and the planet.

The word ‘together’ fits the – literally – seamless cooperation of our products with the wood, and it particularly fits the cooperation with all our partners and customers. We share knowledge with you, find solutions to the most challenging issues and work on continuous improvement on the basis of trust. We would like to continue doing so for a long time to come.

Want to know more?
In the coming period, you will see the slogan ‘Stronger together’ in more and more places. Do you have questions about the changes in our communication? Or would you like to know more about what we can do for you? If so, please contact Ibrahim Iqbal by In the coming period, we will update all visuals containing the old slogan, including POS material present at Repair Care merchants.