Will you be purchasing our EASY•Q™ WIPES soon? If so, the product will look slightly different than you are used to; you will no longer find the cleaning wipes in a plastic canister, but in a compact pouch made of fully recyclable material, with a saving of over 3000kg of plastic annually. In addition to the packaging, we have worked hard to improve the composition of the wipes. Ideal for quickly and thoroughly cleaning your hands and tools during all your painting and maintenance work!

We have recently selected a new supplier for our EASY•Q™ WIPES and adapted the packaging. This new packaging is more compact, fully recyclable, and sealed, so that the wipes remain moist. Extra handy: you can use the new packaging as a refill for any existing plastic canisters you may still have. With the transition to this new packaging, we save more than 3,000 kilos of plastic per year.

This product will now be delivered from the United Kingdom instead of from Asia, as a result, we reduce our CO 2 emissions from transport. Moreover, they are free of chemical substances: the bio-based liquid in the renewed EASY•Q™ WIPES is better for the environment and sensitive on your hands, but with the same cleaning power!

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