BIO FLEX™ COOL: the solution for durable wood repairs in colder weather

Bio Flex Cool

Will you be completing a wood repair in low temperatures and need to start sanding and painting the very next day? Our product range has the answer: Repair Care’s BIO FLEX™ COOL. This pure epoxy is fully cured after only 15 hours at 10ºC and extremely easy to use.

Save time

BIO FLEX™ COOL can be used for any type of wood repair at temperatures between 0 and 20ºC, both indoors and outdoors. If it is time savings that you are looking for when carrying out wood repair during the winter, BIO FLEX™ COOL is the answer. As an example, a small repair at 10ºC is sandable and paintable after 15 hours and at 5°C after 20 hours. In comparison, for an equal repair size with the DRY FLEX® 4, you can start sanding and painting after 28 hours at 10°C and after 40 hours at 5°C, in total using BIO FLEX™ COOL can lead to time saving of up to one to two days on site.

Environmentally friendly work

The name of the product gives it away: an additional advantage of BIO FLEX™ COOL is its sustainable composition. The product consists of 35% renewable raw materials such as cashew nut shells. The independent TÜV Austria tested the product extensively and issued the ‘OK biobased’ certificate for it. This means that using the BIO FLEX™ COOL saves CO2 emissions in addition to time. This makes it even easier to take good care of the environment.

Easy to handle

When it comes to the application of BIO FLEX™ COOL, you can rest assured it is as easy to use as the rest of our product range. The epoxy is very easy to dispense with the High-performance dispensing gun and the modelling properties are as good as the best loved DRY FLEX™ 4. Moreover, the resin remains elastic: it moves with the wood and therefore does not crack. For the easiest application, make sure you store the product indoors.

The unique properties of BIO FLEX™ COOL at a glance:
Fast curing: sandable and paintable after 15 hours (at 10ºC).
Durable repair: suitable for permanent repairs and therefore not a temporary solution.
Environmentally friendly: consists of 35% bio-based raw materials.
Easy to use application: easy to dose thanks to the user-friendly dispensing gun.

Want to know more?
The right approach and product knowledge are essential for sustainable wood repair. Repair Care provides training courses and product demonstrations. Its technical advisors are also ready to advise you. For more information, contact Repair Care’s inside sales team on 01827 302 517.


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