Repairing and Restoring History Together: An introduction to a Repair Care Brand Ambassador.

Contractor learning how to use Dry Fix

A Cambridge man fascinated by craftsmanship and history, Richard initially followed the route of Aeronautical engineering before his heart called him to carpentry. Driven by the passion to share the knowledge and skills he had gathered over the years, Richard created Brainfizz. A popular social media channel bursting with information, honest product reviews, and an opportunity to follow along with his day-to-day job, of restoring historical properties.

Brainfizz may have over 40k followers on Youtube and Instagram combined, but Richard is not easy to impress. In his work, he sets a high bar for any product he uses and an even higher bar for the brand.

The Foundations

Richard’s first introduction to Repair Care products consisted of his partner being locked out of their house and a chance encounter with a local tradesman working on a neighbouring property. The unexpected encounter led to daily chats, the sharing of tradesman knowledge, and Richard’s first experience of Repair Care products.

“After hearing the recommendation, I found Repair Care’s Dryflex® Resins on the shelf and tried it out at home to repair my back door. It was foolproof. When I discovered it was a sustainable product, the next window job I had, I was straight to it, using Repair Care products.” Richard Morley

Images from Whitwell House, a project Richard recently undertook.

2019 may have brought the world to a grinding halt, but Richard attributes this period to guiding Brainfizz in a new direction. With more and more people spending time at home throughout the lockdown, Richard suggests they became aware of the disrepair and maintenance required within their homes. He also believes that the reality of replacing these architectural and engineered masterpieces came at a cost, financially and historically. Richard can offer a permanent repair that challenges the cost of replacing sash windows and preserves history. With demand rising for his skills, Richard’s jobs began moving away from general carpentry towards the restoration and preservation of heritage properties.

“Why would I replace something just because it’s old? Some of these windows are 100-200 years old, rotten, and unloved. To combine my skills with Repair Care resins and be able to restore the craftsmanship is incredible.” Richard Morley

Images from Whitwell House, a project Richard recently undertook.

From thatched roofed cottages to the historical Georgian townhouse, Whitewell House, Richard has consistently used Repair Care resins, sharing his progress and giving honest results on his ever-growing Instagram page, Brainfizz. It was through this candid content that Repair Care got in touch. They saw a tradesman who was skilled, passionate, and greatly respected in the woodworking community. For Richard Repair Care’s products already matched his high standards, and it was not long before he saw the brand reflected these standards. Richard proudly became Repair Care’s Brand Ambassador.

Building Knowledge

Having used Repair Care’s Resins on many jobs over the years, Richard had confidence in his skills and techniques. On becoming Brand Ambassador, he completed Repair Care’s Advanced Contractor training course. It was through this course that he began to build on his knowledge, refine his technique, and see the full potential of the resins.

“I thought I knew how to use the Resins effectively, but the course enhanced my knowledge and skills. Once you know how, restoring timber with the resins is foolproof, providing you follow the steps correctly.” Richard Morley

Already well-practiced in using the faithful Dry Flex® range, Richard’s eyes opened to the possibilities of repair in different conditions. Discovering the Bio Flex™ Allround Resin for day-to-day jobs, a flexible bio-based epoxy resin, gave him greater scope to work within the changing climate. This unique product flexes with timber and can be moulded and painted. For days when the temperature dips, Richard favours Bio Flex™ Cool. It has enabled him to work year-round, providing the same quality of repairs, using a sustainable solution without fear that the resin will not bind or cure. He is also impressed by the availability of the product. Even the most organised and efficient of us can run out of resources on a job. Richard provides his services to the length and breadth of the country. Running out of Dry Flex® far from home may have been a worry in the past, but as Richard explains, this popular range is easily available throughout the UK.

“The ease of sourcing Dry Flex® is huge. Whether I’m working locally or nationally, I can get it within an hour from a nearby stockist. It reduces stress and saves me time and money.” Richard Morley

Priceless Preservation

It’s been established that using Repair Care is more cost-effective than replacing Sash windows however, with money on everyone’s minds, Richard tackles the question of the cost head-on. Richard does not cut corners and with such a trusted, proven, and high-quality product. He believes it is worth every penny.

“If you are worried about the cost don’t put it off, make time for it. Buy a Repair Care trial pack, and give it a go. The kit has everything you need, from Dry Flex® 4, to nitrile gloves. You’ll see what it can really do!” Richard Morley

Richard is experiencing an influx of jobs with one thing in common the preservation and maintenance of craftsmanship from the past. As Richard ignites and fuels this passion for others through Brainfizz, he acknowledges Repair Care’s role in providing sustainable epoxy resins that provide permanent solutions.  These ever-evolving solutions save money and time for the tradesman and the customer, but for Richard, it is a product range that preserves history, and that is priceless.


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Wooden window frame being repairedBio Flex Cool