Level 2 Refresher Course

£ 125.00 (excl. VAT)

The level 2 Refresher course is tailored to those contractors who have been previously trained in Level 2 and/or whose certificate has expired.

It is also an opportunity to try any new products and to discuss any specific issues encountered when using the Repair Care systems.

The programme consists of a mixture of theoretical and practical elements, with the emphasis very much on ‘hands-on’ experience. The following subjects and more will be covered:

Review of the Repair Care working methods, review of The 7 Steps to durable repairs, Wood Knowledge and Characteristics of timber. A Practical workshop that will cover resin repair, cill front renewal, splice and glazing repair using face putty. Supported with real life demonstrations and cases.*

* The Advanced Level 2 Course is only available for Level 1 Trained Contractors.

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