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Sash Man


This full window restoration included a full re-glaze with new heritage slimline double glazing units to bring these windows right up to date.


The first job was to dismantle the window and assess the rot damage. Once the sashes were removed thus could all be repaired using Dry Flex 4 and Accoya.


The sashes were then completely stripped in the workshop and the rebates routed out to fit the new glazing units. Once all this prep work was done the rot damaged in the sashes was repaired using Dry Flex 4 and minor imperfections with Super Finish.


Everything was primed before glazing and the new double-glazed units were fitted with Dry Seal MP.


The whole project had a Teknos Aqua Top paint finish and the sashes were reinstalled with draught proof staff and parting beads, new sash cords and new weights to take into account the extra weight of the new glazing units.

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