Top 5 Benefits of Epoxy Wood Filler

Repair Care Epoxy Wood Filler Application

An epoxy wood filler is a type of wood filler that is made of resin, as opposed to a plastic alternative that you would find in a two-pack filler. They can be used for the repair of wooden products that have been susceptible to damage, rot and wear. There are many benefits of using epoxy resin wood filler as opposed to replacing products or using two-pack fillers.

High Durability

Epoxy resin is a highly durable product, and it is no different when used within a wood filler. Repairing a damaged wooden structure with epoxy wood filler will ensure a long-lasting result that will resist further damage or wear.

Sustainable Wood Filler

Using an epoxy wood filler is an eco-friendly alternative to other solutions such as a two-pack filler. Alongside this, it negates the option of replacing wooden structures with a plastic alternative that will take thousands of years to naturally degrade and be placed in landfills or waste.

Research has shown that on average 95% of a frame with wood rot damage is in good condition and therefore does not have to be thrown away. Repairing instead of replacing has been the motto of Repair Care for many years and it is positive to see a growing number of other companies building with the same philosophy.

Saves Money

Repairing wood rather than replacing it entirely saves a lot of money. Using an epoxy wood filler, wooden structures can be brought back to life rather than replaced.

In comparison with PVC alternatives, wood as a raw material for window frames and a wide range of other structures has important sustainable advantages, both economically and environmentally. Using an epoxy resin wood filler such as this means that expensive materials for replacement don’t need to be brought in on projects.

Labour Effective

Using an epoxy wood filler to repair wooden surfaces or structures saves the need for labour. Depending on the job, most of the time this kind of project can be carried out by one person.

Epoxy wood filler can be used when the structure or item damaged would be difficult to replicate with new wood, such as a moulded element that would require high-level machining or laborious handwork. Using a wood filler such as this negates the need to employ several workmen to fix a wooden structure.


Using an epoxy wood filler is a quick process, and saves time that could otherwise be wasted using inappropriate products or replacing structures. If working on a large project, using a wood filler such as this will allow you to be time-efficient and get the repair work done quicker.

Shop Epoxy Resin Wood Filler with Repair Care

The advantages of using an Epoxy-based wood filler or Epoxy-based resin such as DRY FLEX® to make a repair to a wooden structure are massive. This includes the cost-saving to the homeowner, the time saving to the person making the repair, the impact on the environment and how it makes you think about what other things can be repaired rather than thrown away!

Housing associations, commercial housing, and other building managers now realise that we must cherish woodwork. That is why we are committed to providing products, training and advice to help make wood repair methods more sustainable, efficient and economically friendly.

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